The products that customers buy from Hwacheon Machine Tool Viet Nam Co., LTD. are the genuine products are entitled under warranty policy after the company.
Commitment of warranty for all products of Hwacheon Machine Tool Viet Nam Co., LTD.
- If all warranty conditions are warranted, Hwacheon Machine Tool Viet Nam Co., LTD. will repair, exchange spare parts and warranty completely free for defects caused by technical faults or by the manufacturer, customers are not pay any repair costs.
- The maximum liability of Hwacheon Machine Tool Viet Nam Co., LTD. for any defective product shall not exceed the price of such product at the time of purchase.
- The customer must keep the 
HANDOVER AND ACCEPTANCE MINUTES for the full warranty of the company.
Warranty conditions: Customers are entitled to warranty if the product meets the following conditions:
- The product is within the warranty period of the company.
- Only applicable to intact products, not for products damaged by external agents
- The "
HANDOVER AND ACCEPTANCE MINUTES kept by the customer" is intact, the information written on it must be clear, no traces erased or repaired.
- In case of loss of warranty card, the customer must contact the telephone number (028) 2253 2613 to be instructed to reissue the HANDOVER AND ACCEPTANCE MINUTES.
Warranty period
- The warranty period of each product is written clearly in the Sale Contract sign by both Parties

- The warranty period is from the date the product is sold to the customer (Date / Month / Year is shown on the HANDOVER AND ACCEPTANCE MINUTES).
The cases are not covered by warranty
- The product has expired on the warranty period or lost the
- The product is damaged due to mechanical deformation, malfunction due to human causes such as breakage, impact, scratch, distortion, wet, leaking, flowing or water. fire, natural disaster, electric shock, fire and explosion.
- The product is used improperly, using wrong voltage regulation.
- The user removes and repairs machinery and equipment before requesting warranty.
- Errors of natural wear and tear when used or due to environmental conditions where the product is not suitable