Hi-TECH 850

Hi-TECH 850


Hi-TECH 850 has a integrated 45-degree slant bed frame to minimize heat distortion, all guide way are designed as solid Box guide ways to maintain rigidity and precision even during prolonged operations.

Its automatic transmission system allows low-speed, high-torque turning as well as high-speed machining, the optional Y-axis ensures processintegrated operations of complex large workpieces in one setting.

Main features

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Integrated, ultra-durable bed

Hi-TECH 850 has an integrated 45-degree angle bed frame to minimize heat distortion, and the precision-polished wide guide surface and the unique bed design absorb the vibration sufficiently, to ensure high degree of precision at hard turning. All guide surfaces are rectangular and incorporate tack guide to maintain rigidity and accuracy in prolonged operation.

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Highly rigid spindle design

The ultra-precision recuperative cylindrical roller bearing and the multiple thrust angular bearing have been adopted at the front side for outstanding hard turning performance. Dual high-performance 4-speed automatic gear boxes transform the output from the powerful AC45kW spindle motor into class-leading torque.

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Jet lubrication spindle system

Hwacheon's advanced, patented design prevents deterioration of the workpiece from thermal displacement. The jet of lubrication is constantly applied to the spindle bearing for lubrication and cooling, to increase the machine's life and the precision in machining.