28/03/2023, 09:58 AM

In order to strengthen each cooperation relationship between customers and the company, and at the same time affirm the trust of customers for products, Hwacheon Viet Nam

continues to promote the organization of factory tours for partners and customers.

On March 15-19, 2023, Hwacheon Vietnam and delegations, agents had the opportunity to visit Hwacheon factories in Pyong-Dong Gwangju, Korea.

Visiting the factory this time, there were a total of 23 people, including agents and very important partners of Hwacheon.

At the end of the visit, the agents all said that this field visit has brought a lot of meaning because of the modernity of the machines, the seriousness and precision of the staff and

the enthusiasm in the work. Each stage produces quality products. Hwacheon is extremely grateful for the love that customers and partners have given.

Hwacheon believes that seriousness and enthusiasm are the reasons for the rapid development of the Hwacheon brand and the trust of a large number of customers. In the

future, Hwacheon wishes to become an effective and reliable companion of all customers not only in Vietnam but also in the region and internationally. Thank you for always

accompanying Hwacheon.

Take a look at some photos from our recent visit.


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