Vertical Machining Center SIRIUS UM+

22/09/2020, 18:47 PM

This is a featured image showcasing the Hwacheon Vertical Machining Center SIRIUS-UM+


Designed For High Speed And Highest Precision

Vertical Machining Center SIRIUS-UM+ features our made-by-Hwacheon spindles of 20,000 – 45,000rpm, providing the highest flexibility for parts requiring high speed and accuracy within microns with top quality surface finish.

With a travel range of X / Y / Z (750 / 500 / 450mm), it provides superior technology, overall machine design and built.

SIRIUS-UM+ is designed to cater even the highest requirements in MOULD & DIE applications, in terms of accuracy and surface quality, the machine is at first “Mechanically Rigid and Accurate”. After, the electronic is used to fine tune the machine precision to the last micron.

Another major consideration in the design is the integration of the industries’ feedback, to provide a high performance and reliable machining center at affordable price.


A list of key features in the Hwacheon Vertical Machining Center SIRIUS-UM+

Key Features Of SIRIUS UM+

  • Low-centred design which is further enhancing static accuracy.

  • Supported by the BRIDGE type structure it provides best rigidity and optimum dynamic.

  • Every effort is made, to ensure vibrations are avoided or kept at a bare minimum.
  • For example, the screw type conveyors at both sides of the table are operating in isolated exchangeable covers to avoid vibrations and heat disbursement to the machine mainframe.
  • Control of heat, from inside and outside affecting the machines casting, is controlled and evenly disbursed by a special insulating material which is wrapped around the whole machine frame & bed casting.
  • The internal machining area is covered to protect the frame casting from heat generated by chips.
  • The high quality and large dimensioned Roller Linear Guideways are mounted in a wide distance to each other for optimum stability.
  • A selection of various spindles is available for this machine. From 20 – 45,000rpm providing for this machine highest flexible to any application purpose.
  • The built-in motor spindles, like the entire machine as well as the parts for it, are designed and made in-house by Hwacheon in South Korea.
  • The spindle, the heart of any machine tool, is using the unique OIL-JET Lubrication system. Ensuring that application runs lasting even 24/7 at maximum speed are not an issue. Not only the heat is being controlled, but the high quality ceramic bearings are operating at any given time in fresh and temperature controlled special oil. This system assures, that heat is not only controlled but not created in the first place.
  • Tooling systems for the available SIRIUS UM+ spindles are standard in BBT-40; HSK-E40; HSK-E32. Optional available also HSK-A63 (20,000rpm).
  • The Built-in Motor delivers a power of 37Kw (20,000rpm) and 221 Nm of torque

The Hwacheon Vertical Machining Center SIRIUS-UM+ features a headlight mold as well

  • High speed spindles with 32,000 & 45,000rpm are also available for this machine. The overall extreme rigidity and stability of SIRIUS UM+ provides the best basis to deliver highest tolerances and best surface finishes.
  • On request and as an option, Hwacheon will provide a magnetic table as option which is built-in, designed in sections which can be individually controlled. No loss in Z-axis height, all cables built-in and not exposed. Providing easy and fast clamping with maximum clamping force and highest flexibility. Clamping Made Easy & Fast.
  • The SIRIUS UM+ is optionally also available to handle even most extreme tight tolerances. For that a “High Accuracy” package is available, which include: Special Guide-Ways; High Resolution Linear Glass Scales in X-Y-Z; Liquid Cooled Ball Screws; Special selected Parts and testing to achieve highest possible accuracy. Ask our Hwacheon team for further details.

The Hwacheon Vertical Machining Center SIRIUS-UM+ works with M-Vision Plus II

  • As all Hwacheon machining centres come standard with a comprehensive package of individually Hwacheon designed software packages, also the SIRIUS UM+ has such included. Either to control temperature changes or to optimize the machine dynamics to individual application needs. A step towards Industry 4.0 is the Hwacheon M-Vision Plus II software.

SIRIUS-UM+, one of the best sellers in the SIRIUS Series, is today worldwide known to provide highest performance at very competitive prices. Either to achieve highest demands in Mould & Die or to achieve highest accuracy at specific parts, the SIRIUS UM+ will deliver best results.

Proven in major industries such as Medical, Semicon, Mould & Die, Shoe Mould, Aerospace, Automobile, Precision Part industries, customers are satisfied with the results delivered by this machine.

Available with the following CNC systems: FANUC 31i; HEIDENHAIN iTNC 640.

Automation solutions are either available by APC (Automatic Pallet Changer) or AWC (Automatic Workpiece Changer) systems. Individual solutions are available by using Robot systems.

For other machine demands in terms of size and table load, Hwacheon offers a comprehensive range of High Quality Vertical Machining Centres:



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